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People Are Awesome compilation for January 2016 [video]
Posted by on Jan 27th, 2016

Some quick motivation for you to get you through till the end of the day. A short compilation of people being awesome for the month of January 2016. Totally gonna try this sliding on the… Read More »

Zuma is great at counting, but even better at geography [video]
Posted by on Jan 22nd, 2016

The video is a month old and i have no idea how it never made it onto here. We all know how well Zuma does with trying to read out large numbers, but i bet… Read More »

Chef on morning tv show caught making a line of coke live on air [video]
Posted by on Jan 21st, 2016

Most of us are happy with a cup of coffee to start the day, but for a morning tv show chef in Slovakia it’s clearly not enough. During the live Telerano morning broadcast cameras suddenly… Read More »

The official trailer for Suicide Squad has been released – VIDEO
Posted by on Jan 21st, 2016

Geek alert. The first official trailer for the upcoming Suicide Squad movie has been released. If you don’t know then let me school you quickly..the Suicide Squad is a group of anti-superheroes in the DC… Read More »

Dashcam footage of hero traffic officer shot at point blank range in Cape Town [VIDEO]
Posted by on Jan 21st, 2016

The City of Cape Town has released dramatic footage of traffic officer, Nizaam Alexander, who was honoured with the Traffic Services Departmental Officer of the Year Award. Alexander was doing a routine traffic stop in… Read More »

Kanye West has posted a rap message from Mos Def about his arrest in Cape Town [audio]
Posted by on Jan 20th, 2016

You should know by now that rapper Yasiin Bey (previously known as Mos Def) has been living in Cape Town and recently made local headlines when he was arrested for having illegal travel documents in… Read More »

Russian tv reporter carries on as a guy flashes his gun during live broadcast [video]
Posted by on Jan 19th, 2016

Meanwhile in Russia…a tv reporter was doing a live broadcast when some random guy flashed a hand gun in front of her face and she just carried on talking. No f**ks given. The reporter, Tamara… Read More »

Watch ANC supporters tear down the #ZumaMustFall banner in Cape Town [video]
Posted by on Jan 18th, 2016

So on Friday i told you about the massive Zuma Must Fall banner that was erected at the end of Long Street in Cape Town HERE. It immediately trended and drew mixed reactions about freedom… Read More »

Adele singing karaoke to her own songs in a car is brilliant – VIDEO
Posted by on Jan 15th, 2016

Adele already has the bragging right for being the most talented singer on the planet right now and there is no doubt she is vocally gifted. That aside though the thing that blows me away… Read More »

Are you the blonde woman captured on CCTV taking a dump on the doorstep of someones Clifton house [pic]
Posted by on Jan 13th, 2016

Ok then. Dunno how legit this, but it was sent in by a reader asking if i had seen the pic of the blonde woman captured on security footage taking a dump at the entrance… Read More »