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    These parody videos of famous movie scenes dubbed over with a South African accent are hilarious [videos]
    Posted by on Oct 1st, 2015

    Your amusement today comes from a local YouTube channel called Afrikaans for Dummies that dubs over famous movie scenes with a South African accent. I saw their most recent video yesterday and realised i’ve been… Read More »

    Afrikaans oke captures moment great white shark hunting him [video]
    Posted by on Sep 30th, 2015

    Got sent this video, but don’t know much details other than it’s doing the rounds overseas. It shows a spearfisherman being surprised by a great white shark and you can clearly hear him scream before… Read More »

    Here’s Trevor Noah’s full interview with Kevin Hart on The Daily Show [video]
    Posted by on Sep 30th, 2015

    So last night the first episode of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah as the new host aired on South African television, but if you’re like me and don’t have DStv then you won’t have… Read More »

    Here’s Trevor Noah’s first appearance as host of the Daily Show [video]
    Posted by on Sep 29th, 2015

    So our boy Trevor Noah has just finished his debut as host of The Daily Show and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive. Trevor replaced John Stewart (who hosted the show for 16 years) and kicked… Read More »

    Luckiest man in the world walks away unharmed after a huge window crashes on him [video]
    Posted by on Sep 25th, 2015

    There’s lucky and then there’s holy-crap-no-way lucky. This dude is the latter and is being called the luckiest man in the world this year after a giant glass panel fell from a building and missed… Read More »

    Watch this dude fend off a shark repeatedly attacking his kayak [video]
    Posted by on Sep 23rd, 2015

    Ya hey…i’m not one to go kayaking alone out in the ocean and it’s videos like this that reinforce that view. Watch this asshole shark repeatedly try and attack a guy on his kayak. The… Read More »

    Watch these Irish fans go mental when Japan scored to beat the Springboks [video]
    Posted by on Sep 21st, 2015

    Ok ok i know that it’s old news, but many people are still shocked that Japan beat the Springboks in their opening game of the Rugby World Cup 2015. I was gonna throw in my… Read More »

    Cape coloured vs Cape Cobra is your throwback video of the day [video]
    Posted by on Sep 18th, 2015

    Was supposed to post this yesterday as a throwback Thursday, but i forgot so let’s pretend i did. It was way back in 2010 when this video went viral showing a guy from Cape Town… Read More »

    The OppiKoppi 2015 official after movie is here courtesy of GoPro [video]
    Posted by on Sep 18th, 2015

    Were you at Oppikoppi 2015? If yes then you will dig this GoPro after movie of the festival and if you weren’t there then have a look at what you missed. Amazing to think that… Read More »

    The first episode of The Shores season 2 is here [video]
    Posted by on Sep 17th, 2015

    Ok so you should already know that Clifton Shores, the show filmed in Cape Town, has a second season called The Shores. Basically follows a similar story as last time. Few new faces, but still… Read More »