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    Luckiest rally spectator of the day escapes massive crash by centimeters [video]
    Posted by on Oct 6th, 2014

    Last week i posted a video of a guy on a bicycle escaping death by a ballhair when he cycled over a pedestrian crossing and got sandwiched between a speeding truck and another car HERE.… Read More »

    Lamborghini reveals 320km/h hybrid electric supercar called the Asterion [pic + video]
    Posted by on Oct 3rd, 2014

    With the BMW i8 due for release early next year, hybrid electric vehicles are making some serious inroads (see what i did there) in the automative industry and even the supercars are getting into the… Read More »

    Danny MacAskill has an epic new video showing why he’s the best stunt mountain biker on the planet [video]
    Posted by on Oct 3rd, 2014

    If you think you can ride a bicycle then think again because compared to Danny MacAskill you suck gigantic training wheels balls. I’ve featured his epic videos before, including the one he did in Cape… Read More »

    Play of the day: protester catches tear gas canister and throws it back [video]
    Posted by on Oct 2nd, 2014

    Some excellent fielding skills under harsh conditions from a protester who caught a tear gas cannister with one hand then hurled it back in one smooth motion. It was first reported that the protester is… Read More »

    There’s a new Dove ad out about mothers and daughters and it might hit you right in the feels [video]
    Posted by on Oct 1st, 2014

    Ya hey…i said in my previous post that today is normally bro day on Life is Savage so this may seem rather out of place, but there is a new Dove ad out and it… Read More »

    Liam Neesen is back in Taken 3 and he’s angry…again [trailer]
    Posted by on Oct 1st, 2014

    It’s Wednesday, traditionally bro day on Life is Savage, and i couldn’t think of a better way to kick things off than with Liam Neeson kicking ass and taking names as Brian Mills in the… Read More »

    SA pastor gives congregation petrol to drink…says he changed it to juice [video]
    Posted by on Sep 29th, 2014

    Ok so we all know about the whole turning water into wine thing, but a controversial South African pastor has taken it to the next level and is giving his congregation petrol to drink claiming… Read More »

    Cyclist escapes two car accident by a ball hair…possibly luckiest oke of the year [video]
    Posted by on Sep 26th, 2014

    There are close shaves and there’s escaping death by millimeters. This Russian (of course) cyclist is possibly the luckiest person of the year after getting sandwiched between a truck and a car in a high… Read More »

    This 21yr old girl spent R223 000 to get a third boob [pic + video]
    Posted by on Sep 23rd, 2014

    Meanwhile in America…21 year old Jasmine Tridevil spent $20 000 to get an extra breast implant in the hopes she would land a role on an MTV reality show. Sigh. I really hope she becomes… Read More »

    First kid in Australia to get an iPhone 6 drops it during live tv interview [video]
    Posted by on Sep 22nd, 2014

    Ya hey..i never understood why people wait in line and queue overnight just to be first in line to get a new device, but shoutout to this Ozzie kid who was first to get his… Read More »