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    Leeds United player Adryan made the most ridiculous dive in soccer history [video]
    Posted by on Dec 2nd, 2014

    It’s no secret that some soccer players have a tendancy to be overly dramatic when getting fouled hey. They have a lame reputation for faking injury in the hopes of tricking the referee into giving… Read More »

    Here’s a dude climbing a 280 meter chimney without safety equipment [video]
    Posted by on Nov 26th, 2014

    Ball tingling alert. It’s bro day on Life is Savage so it’s only fitting that you start the day off with some tingling balls hey. If you’re afraid of heights then best you don’t watch… Read More »

    Two South Africans try car guarding in the USA…it doesn’t go so well [video]
    Posted by on Nov 25th, 2014

    You should be aware of South African comedy duo Nic Smal and Gareth Allison hey…they are the guys behind Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues and they’ve featured quite a few times on Life is Savage… Read More »

    Amazing image and footage of a huge tornado in South Africa [pic + video]
    Posted by on Nov 24th, 2014

    It’s not everyday you read about a tornado in South Africa and when you do it’s normally just one of those small dust devil types…not the big ass funnel type ones like in mid-west America.… Read More »

    They are calling this the greatest touchdown catch in American football history [video]
    Posted by on Nov 24th, 2014

    Ya hey…we all know that rugby is a tougher game than American football, but every now and then they show some skill that is worthy of a slow clap. Case in point this one-handed touchdown… Read More »

    Ken Block is back with Gymkhana 7 ripping up LA in a 845-hp Mustang [video]
    Posted by on Nov 18th, 2014

    Petrolhead boner alert. You should by now be familiar with Ken Block and his Gymkhana videos…it’s his 7th one ffs so if you havn’t seen any of them then crawl out from under that rock… Read More »

    Here’s Johnny Depp presenting an award while drunk or high or both [video]
    Posted by on Nov 17th, 2014

    Your useless Monday morning celebrity gossip is brought to you today by Johnny Depp who presented an award at the 18th Annual Hollywood Film Awards over the weekend while drunk or tripping balls or both.… Read More »

    Cyanide & Happiness finally launch their own show…here’s Episode 1 [video]
    Posted by on Nov 14th, 2014

    If you’re a fan of the Cyanide & Happiness cartoons then you’ll be stoked to hear that they finally have their own show and the first episode aired yesterday. Their unique brand of childish and… Read More »

    Here’s footage of the chaos in the SA parliament yesterday where riot police were called in [video]
    Posted by on Nov 14th, 2014

    Ya hey…South African politicians already have to deal with claims of corruption, greed, mismanagement etc. and yesterday they didn’t do themselves any favours when chaos erupted in the National Assembly eventually ending with fists flying… Read More »

    Synergy Live 2014 full line-up announced…including Congorock and Felix Cartal
    Posted by on Nov 14th, 2014

    It’s that time of the year when Synergy Live takes place over three days just an hour outside of Cape Town at Theewaterskloof. From Friday 28th to Sunday 30th November 13, international headliners, a huge line-up… Read More »