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Tag: update
Twitter has just allowed you make longer tweets with an update to the 140 character limit
Posted by on Sep 20th, 2016

So the day has finally arrived when you will be able to send out longer tweets after Twitter announced it has updated the 140 character limit. The limit is still the same, but all media… Read More »

Vytjie Mentor has just given more details on the day the Guptas offered her the minister job [pic]
Posted by on Mar 17th, 2016

Vytjie Mentor has just shed more light on the day the Guptas offered her a ministerial job and that Zuma was there. This comes days after President Zuma said he has “has no recollection” of… Read More »

Instagram finally does away with square images only, now offers landscape option
Posted by on Aug 28th, 2015

Since it’s humble beginnings Instagram has only ever allowed users to post pics in the square format much to the annoyance of those who took landscape or panoramic images. Ever regular pics had to be… Read More »

WhatsApp will now tell you when your message has been read with two blue ticks [pic]
Posted by on Nov 6th, 2014

Ah yes, we’ve been through this before HERE when i told you way back that two ticks next to your WhatsApp message does NOT mean the person read your message…it simply means that your message… Read More »

Hey iPhone people…here’s how you download iOS 8 without deleting ANY of your data
Posted by on Sep 18th, 2014

Ya hey..i’m not even an iPhone person, but i’m still gonna do you lot a favour and school you quick as to how you can download the newly released iOS 8 without deleting your data.… Read More »

Crazy Sea Point person leaving notes about killing a cat that comes into their apartment [pic]
Posted by on Jul 15th, 2014

Haven’t done a People Of Sea Point post in ages, but here’s one that we can file in the you-crazy-ass-weirdo-cat-killer category. Tenants in an apartment block near Milner Rd have recieved this note stuck on… Read More »

Gemini Models in Mossel Bay is still producing outlandishly glorious model pictures
Posted by on Jul 9th, 2014

It’s no secret that SA is home to some of the world’s top models and that our shores are used as locations for some of the best fashion labels and magazines, but did you know… Read More »

New Facebook policy update: they can use you in ads whether you like it or not
Posted by on Sep 4th, 2013

Ok so here’s a quick heads-up on your Facebook privacy…they are making some data policy changes you need to be aware of that will kick in on September 5th (that’s tomorrow) and basically they will… Read More »

SA police forcibly remove blind St Georges Mall guitar player [pic + video]
Posted by on Jul 9th, 2013

If you’ve ever been to St Georges Mall in Cape Town you would most likely have heard the blind guy playing his guitar. He’s been there for years and plays the same tune day in… Read More »

Mark Boucher undergoes surgery after freak injury lacerates his eyeball [pic]
Posted by on Jul 10th, 2012

Proteas wicketkeeper, Mark Boucher had to undergo emergency eye surgery yesterday after a freak accident during a game against county side Somerset resulted in a bail ricocheting off the stumps and lacerating the sclera (the… Read More »