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Tag: spotted in Cape Town
Just a guy taking his pet snake for a cycle in Sea Point – PICS
Posted by on May 16th, 2016

Havn’t done a People Of Sea Point post in ages, but a worthy addition was spotted over the weekend along the promenade where a cyclist was snapped taking his pet python for a little fresh… Read More »

Best typo of the year – Hout Bay Spar now selling this R259 cheese with… [pic]
Posted by on May 5th, 2016

We may as well wrap up the award for best typo of the year because the Spar in Hout Bay has it in the bag. We’ve seen some outstanding typos over the years, especially from… Read More »

Spotted in Cape Town – the price of petrol in Grassy Park [PIC]
Posted by on Apr 5th, 2016

We all know the price of petrol is going up soon and someone at a Shell garage in Grassy Park has nicely summed up how people in Cape Town feel about it. The struggle is… Read More »

Spotted in Cape Town [pic]
Posted by on Mar 15th, 2016

Adding a new category today called Spotted in Cape Town. Bacically just a picture taken in the city and sent in by you fine readers. Anything amusing or remotely entertaining that was taken somewhere in… Read More »

Katie Holmes joins Twitter – can’t believe how beautiful Cape Town is [pic]
Posted by on Oct 29th, 2013

Was gonna post this yesterday as the Monday useless celebrity gossip, but i forgot so here it is now. Katie Holmes is currently in Cape Town and recently sent out her first tweet. I’m guessing… Read More »

Harrison Ford spotted eating at V&A Waterfront in Cape Town [pic]
Posted by on Aug 8th, 2012

Ya hey…word is that Harrison Ford is in Cape Town and was spotted eating at Sevruga in the V&A Waterfront yesterday. In full Indiana Jones gear. Doctor Jones! Ok fine that’s not a genuine pic,… Read More »

Mini-Me spotted in Cape Town..[PIC]
Posted by on Feb 21st, 2010

Ok, its the weekend and you know i’d rather be on the beach than writing my blog, but we are making an exception today folks… Why would that be uncle Savage? Because Mini-Me says so,… Read More »