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It’s done – the UK has voted to leave the European Union
Posted by on Jun 24th, 2016

This time yesterday there was plenty confidence that the UK would vote sensibly and remain in the European Union. Well 30 million votes later, results are in and the UK has voted by 52% to… Read More »

Trailers for X-Men: Apocalypse, Star Trek: Mission Impossible and Independence Day 2: Resurgence [videos]
Posted by on Dec 15th, 2015

All the hype is currently with Star Wars: The Force Awakens which premiers worldwide tomorrow, but in the past few days several trailers for upcoming sci-fi action movies have been released so i’ve put them… Read More »

The People Are Awesome 2015 compilation is here [video]
Posted by on Dec 14th, 2015

2015 has been a long year with plenty of problems locally and the rest of the world. It’s easy to stay negative, but let’s rather focus on the things that make us smile and happy.… Read More »

The Batman V Superman trailer has just leaked online [video]
Posted by on Apr 17th, 2015

The new Star Wars: Force Awakens trailer HERE was revealed last night and now comes news that a trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has leaked…geeks around might just completely lose their sh*t… Read More »

Foo Fighters are finally coming to tour SA in December 2014…here’s details
Posted by on Jun 24th, 2014

Right if you hadn’t already noticed…things are rather slow on Life is Savage this week due to me being in the Kruger Park till Thursday. I’ve tried to throw in a post here and there,… Read More »

Manager David Moyes sacked by Manchester United [confirmed]
Posted by on Apr 22nd, 2014

Manchester United have confirmed that manager David Moyes has been sacked. This the announcement from the official Twitter account. Word is that Ryan Giggs will take over till the end of the season. Now you… Read More »

Banksy joins Instagram…and in other news so have I [pics]
Posted by on Oct 17th, 2013

Famously elusive British street-artist-graffiti-social-commentator-next-level-doodle-wallscribbler, Banksy, has finally joined social media. Well that’s what folks are saying anyway with this Instagram account bearing his name and featuring his recent works in NY. Banksy apparently joined Instagram… Read More »

Google officially bans porn from Google Glass
Posted by on Jun 4th, 2013

Just hours after the first Google Glass porn app was released, Google has decided to officially ban all sexually explicit material from being developed or released as Glassware. The app…called Tits & Glass, allows Google… Read More »

It’s official – Rihanna will be performing in SA
Posted by on Apr 8th, 2013

In possibly their worst kept secret to date, Big Concerts has officially announced that Rihanna will be heading to South Africa to perform two concerts in 2013.  16th October in Cape Town and 13th October… Read More »

Skrillex is coming to SA in’s official [pic]
Posted by on Dec 10th, 2012

Boner alert for all you electronic music seems it’s official that Skrillex is coming to tour South Africa in 2013. I say ‘seems’ because well f**k knows why people say ‘official’, but don’t give… Read More »