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Tag: invention
Daddy Digs It: the BROpener..turn anything into a bottle opener [video]
Posted by on Dec 21st, 2012

Couple of weeks back i started a new category on Life is Savage called Daddy Digs It and as i previously put it…it covers the simple things that i’d dig to have and that i… Read More »

Picking Up Stompies: Weekend Edition 20/11/2011
Posted by on Nov 20th, 2011

Police officer John Pike did himself no favours by nonchalantly pepper spraying peaceful University of California students in the face…in front of dozens of onlookers/reporters with cameras. Here’s video. [Huffington Post] Suspended SA police chiefs… Read More »

Bark4Beer collar. Yes please.
Posted by on Jan 8th, 2010

This may be the greatest invention since sliced bread. Picture it. You’re at a braai and your mate holding a beer asks where the bottle opener is. You just whistle. Instant legend. Thanks for coming.… Read More »