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Tag: controversy
Controversy over 3 yr old DJ who won SA’s Got Talent and whether his audio cable was not plugged in [pics]
Posted by on Nov 12th, 2015

Ok so earlier in the week i told you about 3yr old DJ, Oratilwe Hlongwane, who won SA’s Got Talent and a first prize of R500 000. While the majority of people were stoked that… Read More »

Crusaders Super 15 team posing with animals they hunted and shot in SA causes outcry [pic]
Posted by on Aug 8th, 2014

Anti-trophy hunting activists and conservationists are up in arms over pics of players from the Crusaders Super 15 rugby team posing with animals they shot in SA. Pics showing Tom Taylor, George and Sam Whitelock,… Read More »

People are still angry that this plus-size top model is being called plus-sized [pic]
Posted by on Jul 25th, 2014

Have you ever heard the name Robyn Lawley? She’s one of the world’s top plus-size models from Australia, but a recent make-up free and unretouched bikini picture she posted on her Instagram account is getting… Read More »

UK bookmaker offering odds on Oscar Pistorius trial…favouring not guilty verdict
Posted by on Feb 28th, 2014

One of the biggest and most infamous Irish bookmakers, Paddy Power, is controversially taking bets on the outcome of the Oscar Pistorius trial and odds are favouring a ‘not guilty’ verdict. The offering has caused… Read More »

The new City Of Cape Town logo is getting slammed…what do you think? [pic]
Posted by on Feb 21st, 2014

Ok so it’s no secret that i love Cape Town and while there is no shortage of bragging rights with us winning numerous best city in the world type awards, we can’t expect everything to… Read More »

Fake Shark Week footage of mega shark from South Africa causes outrage [video]
Posted by on Aug 6th, 2013

So Discovery Channel’s Shark Week kicked off on Monday and it immediately caused viewers to call bullsh*t and say the channel lied to viewers for a documentary claiming that an ancient 50 foot shark called… Read More »

They are now saying Francois Botha tested positive for banned substances against SBW, but is it rubbish?
Posted by on Feb 11th, 2013

The whole Francois Botha vs Sonny Bill Williams heavyweight title fight has turned into a complete sh*t show of a debacle hey. The fight was already controversial for being stopped in the 10th round HERE…… Read More »

Top Danish fishing magazine in hot water for printing naked women getting frisky with fish [NSFW pics]
Posted by on Jan 24th, 2013

Meanwhile in Denmark. A leading fishing magazine, Fisk & Fri, is coming under fire for publishing pics of fish…and some naked women thrown in for extra background effect. Some people are calling it genius offensive… Read More »

Chelsea player kicks a ball boy…not really, but the little sh*t probably deserved it [video]
Posted by on Jan 24th, 2013

Ok so last night Chelsea player, Eden Hazard, got sent off for kicking a Swansea ball boy. Football headlines round the world will no doubt make it seem like he kicked the kid in the… Read More »

Instagram can now use your pics in ads without your consent or payment
Posted by on Dec 18th, 2012

The new Instagram terms of service has resulted in a massive outcry since it states that the photo application can now use your photo’s in advertisements without the photographers permission and without payment. Hipsters around… Read More »