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Tag: car
Spotted in Cape Town [pic]
Posted by on Mar 15th, 2016

Adding a new category today called Spotted in Cape Town. Bacically just a picture taken in the city and sent in by you fine readers. Anything amusing or remotely entertaining that was taken somewhere in… Read More »

What are the odds? Cyclist lands on a mattress which fell off the car that knocked him over [video]
Posted by on Mar 20th, 2014

Here’s some CCTV footage that you won’t see very often…like never. What are the odds that a cyclist would be pushed off the road by a speeding vehicle and at the very moment he crashed… Read More »

Radovan Krejcir survives attempted hit from gun with 12 barrels hidden behind car numberplate [pics]
Posted by on Jul 24th, 2013

Controversial Czech businessman, Radovan Krejcir, has survived a bizarre assassination attempt in Bedfordview, Johannesburg. He was outside his office when several shots were fired at him from a remote-control-triggered 12 barrel gun hidden behind the… Read More »

Driver smashes massive hole in Mouille Point Lighthouse [pic]
Posted by on Nov 5th, 2012

Some local news from my neck of the woods…someone over the weekend most likely had a bit too much to drink and decided to re-decorate the Mouille Point lighthouse building…with their car. The lighthouse was… Read More »

Even folks in Sea Point believe the world will end on 21st May 2011 [pic]
Posted by on May 13th, 2011

Spotted on a Datsun bakkie in Sea Point, Cape Town. This chap is prepared i’m guessing…, but just in case he made sure he renewed his licence disc. I took that pic a while back,… Read More »

Car in giant condom spotted in Cape Town
Posted by on May 7th, 2010

Damn, this is taking safe driving to a totally different level. You see this car spotted at the Engen garage in Cape Town today? I did some digging and apparently its a new advertising campaign… Read More »

Win a Chevrolet Cruz 1,8 LT..true story
Posted by on Jan 6th, 2010

Life is Savage wants you to win this. True story. I generally don’t post competitions unless the prize is ridiculous and what better that a brand spanking new Chevy hey. Check it. Its only for… Read More »