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Famous photo’s taken as cell phone selfies – brilliant ad campaign by Cape Town agency [pics]
Posted by on Dec 12th, 2012

Ya hey…always makes me proud when Cape Town related stuff cracks a knod overseas and this latest ad campaign from Lowe Cape Town for the Cape Times newspaper is making massive waves abroad. It’s been… Read More »

Reebok ad gets pulled for encouraging guys to cheat on their girlfriends…fail [pic]
Posted by on Mar 23rd, 2012

Remember Reebok? Back in the day every kid at school wanted a pair of those ones that you could pump up. Well they have kinda faded into the backgroud what with PUMA and the other… Read More »

Rick Perry’s presidential campaign ad becomes one of the most disliked videos ever on YouTube
Posted by on Dec 9th, 2011

I’m not really following the 2012 US presidential election race, but i keep hearing Republican candidate Rick Perry’s name crop up and if ever you need a lesson in how to butcher your chances of… Read More »

Hey these milk ads offend you? [pics]
Posted by on Jul 14th, 2011

Lots of advertising posts his week on Life is Savage and this Got Milk campaign is another one causing some controversy, but quite frankly i don’t get it. Apparently drinking a glass of milk will… Read More »

More next level advertising with Magnum Pleasure Hunt
Posted by on Apr 15th, 2011

The other day i showed you the forefront of online advertising with the interactive Desperado Tequila-Flavoured Beer interactive campaign HERE and i said that was the benchmark. Well Magnum Pleasure Hunt just put that in… Read More »

Picking Up Stompies: Weekend Edition 27/2/2011
Posted by on Feb 28th, 2011

The Oscars are taking place as we speak and Natalie Portman just won the Best Actress award for Black Swan. Colin Firth won the best actor award.All winners here [] India and England play to… Read More »

Billboard spotted in Woodstock is a bit harsh hey [pic]
Posted by on Jan 11th, 2011

How’s this billboard spotted in Woodstock? It contains a well known swear word so look away if bad langauge offends you. Some solid Cape Flats graffiti that. If you know anything leave a comment hey.… Read More »

Diesel billboard in Cape Town wants me to do what exactly?
Posted by on Oct 27th, 2010

Driving down Bree Street today i had a proper wtf moment when i saw this billboard. Have no idea how long it’s been there, but its the first time i’ve seen it and i had… Read More »

What will you do to the bear? Brilliant ad campaign
Posted by on Sep 7th, 2010

The Old Spice guy can sit down now..his moment in the spotlight is over. Ad agencies are starting to nail these viral videos and this one is about as good as it get folks. Tipp-Ex®… Read More »

Giant blue vuvuzela in Cape Town. [PICS]
Posted by on May 27th, 2010

Took these this afternoon. The giant blue Avatar penis vuvuzela is on the old unfinished freeway on the foreshore. It’s apparently an ad campaign for Hyundai and they are going with “Bring the Gees” as… Read More »