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Which Christmas ad is better…John Lewis in the UK or Pick n Pay in SA? [videos]
Posted by on Nov 17th, 2016

So yes Christmas advertising is already full steam ahead and every year companies spend large sums of money on marketing to get consumers to spend more over the festive period. Some brands have become well known for their Christmas ads and John Lewis in the UK set the benchmark in 2011. They recently revealed their 2016 Xmas ad and around the same time Pick n Pay in South Africa released theirs.

Now i may be a little biased (ok a lot), but the Pick n Pay one focusing on the unique South African Christmas experience made me smile. It’s all there…rain in Joburg, sunburn along the coast, braaing and even the good old boskak gets featured.

pick n pay xmas ad

Check it.


And here’s the much talked about John Lewis ad from the UK with Buster the Boxer.

Good, but i’m gonna go with the one that included the boskak reference.

Merry Xmas!

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