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Eskom CEO breaks down and says he didn’t visit the Guptas 19 times, but was at a shebeen nearby [video]
Posted by on Nov 4th, 2016

Oh dear. The State Capture Report really wasn’t very kind to Eskom CEO Brian Molefe, but he hasn’t done himself any favours by trying to explain how cellphone records indicated he was at or near the Guptas estate on 19 different occasions. Molefe broke down at an Eskom presentation yesterday and said he totally didn’t visit the Guptas, but was instead (wait for it)…at a shebeen nearby. His exact words were “There’s a shebeen there, two streets away from the Guptas. I will not admit or deny that I have gone to the shebeen. But there is a shebeen there,”.


So he wasn’t at the Guptas, whom he happened to also call 58 times, and instead was at a shebeen nearby, but he can’t admit or deny that he was there either because his young wife doesn’t know there is a shebeen there.

Yes that’s his explanation. Here’s footage of him saying it.

Come now.

Social media obviously had a field day with his shebeen excuse with many asking where exactly it is.


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