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A guy hired to film canned lion hunting in SA has come clean and released shocking insider footage [video]
Posted by on Oct 5th, 2016

The hunting industry in South Africa is a hotly debated and highly controversial industry which many want to see banned completely. On the other hand supporters of the practice are very quick to point out that it brings in revenue for conservation and blah blah blah shut your mouth. It has been in the media a lot lately with the documentary Blood Lions getting plenty of attention and a few weeks ago another video surfaced that is hard to watch, but shows what really goes on during a hunt. A guy hired to film a canned lion hunt released the footage on Youtube with the following description.

“The guy hired to film the hunt comes clean & I have no doubt a HUGE weight has been lifted off his shoulders!!!! Can you imagined being sickened with something so much & having to carry it around with you!!

10 LION / 9 DAY hunt organised by *********, a New York based agent.

8 CAPTIVE BRED female lions were released onto the farm De Klerk Safaris farm Wilzenau, situated in the infamous LION ALLEY in the North-West Province, South Africa. They were all hunted over the next 4 days.

2 CAPTIVE BRED male lions were released on day for of the hunt and hunted on day 5 and day 9. ”

canned lion hunting

Warning: it’s not for sensitive viewers and will make you angry as hell with the guys laughing and high fiving after they shoot a lion.


mick says:
October 10, 2016 at 2:20 pm

Why not just take photos, or get up close & personal and wrestle it into submission?
To move a little lever (trigger) from 200 yards away & have the animal fall dead is plain cowardly.
It’s like catching trophy fish with a stick of Dynamite.

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