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Zuma appointed a convicted cocaine smuggler as a SA diplomat
Posted by on Oct 3rd, 2016

When it comes to government officials our President has a rather sketchy track record of appointing some bizarre people in high profile positions and here’s another one for the list. Say hello to South Africa’s high commissioner to Singapore, Hazel Francis Ngubeni…who admitted to the Sunday Times that she spent two years in a US prison after being convicted of smuggling cocaine. Oh and apparently she was also arrested in 1995 after being charged with trying to bring 9kg’s of heroin into South Africa. Sounds like a great choice for our high commissioner to Singapore given their attitude towards drug dealing.

She is now an official South African diplomat.

hazel ngubeni

According to the Sunday Times, “Fifty-five-year-old Hazel Francis Ngubeni spent two years in a US prison between 1999 and 2001, but did not disclose her conviction when she was nominated for the diplomatic post in 2013. During a vetting process by the State Security Agency, she claimed she did not have a criminal record.” [Times LIVE]

And what does Ngubeni have to say about her conviction and jail time for smuggling cocaine…well she says that she was wrongfully convicted after a “strange bag was found in my luggage”.

Oh dear.

Why did she not say that she didn’t have a criminal record then.

[pic via Youtube]

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