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Someone please explain this Datsun ad in the Cape Times today [pic]
Posted by on Sep 28th, 2016

Earlier today we featured some very clever advertising and marketing with the #ElectionBurger campaign from RocoMamas HERE and to put things into perspective we have another ad doing the rounds, but for rather different reasons. A Datsun Go print ad appeared in the Cape Times today which has left people scratching their heads as to what exactly the message is trying to convey. Many are calling it an ad fail, but as marketing gurus will no doubt debate…is it really a fail if we are talking about it and sharing it?

Anyways here’s the ad, you decide.

datsun Go

Because why. I can’t even.

Are they trying too hard, is it a fail or did they get what they wanted…people talking about the Datsun Go+?

[thanks @RichSch]

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