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Local MMA fighter grabbed his opponents nipple at the weigh-in…guess what happened in the fight [video]
Posted by on Sep 6th, 2016

You know that saying “don’t ever grab another man’s nipple”? Me neither, but there should be a saying like that after EFC 53 this past weekend in Johannesburg. The mixed martial arts event took place on Friday and the main event was between Yannick Bahati and Michiel Opperman. Now before i show you the actual fight let’s rewind to earlier in the week during the fighter’s weigh-in where the two squared off. The clearly over confident Bahati, who is actually from the UK, strolled towards Opperman and bizarrely grabbed his nipple.

bahati vs opperman

Here’s the footage. I’m told he said something about man boobs. Cut straight to the 18 min mark and watch from there.

Now why would you go and tempt fate like that hey…

Guess what happened?

If you cant see that then here.

12 seconds later and oh dear his legs stopped working. Ya…that will learn him.

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