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Cape Town CCID safety officers are getting body cameras
Posted by on Jul 21st, 2016

Over the next two months all Cape Town Central City Improvement District’s (CCID) safety officers will be getting body cameras. 75 body-worn video officers have already been purchased and will be allocated to the CCID officers during their shift. The pilot project launched at the end of last year proved to be effective in reducing crime and recording the activity of criminals as well as the conduct of the officers to protect the rights of the public.

“The cameras allow the CCID to record operations, stop and searches, and the seizing of evidence so that it has proof of compliance to legislation, and public safety officers (PSOs) equipped with them have been deployed to “hotspot” areas to capture footage of suspected drug dealers and pickpockets.”

ccid cameras

The cameras have infrared capability so can even record in the dark.

This from Muneeb Hendricks, the CCID Safety and Security Manager.

“The BWV cameras are as effective at improving service delivery by our public safety officers as they are at reducing public crime and violence levels in areas where they are deployed, because everybody’s actions are recorded.

“From the CCID’s point of view, we want to render the highest quality, efficient service that applies all laws and regulations equally and takes the guess-work out of incident reporting.” [Traveller 24]

Nicely done City Of Cape Town.

I’m sure those cameras are gonna capture some crazy things.

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