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‘EAT THE RICH’ is apparently the campaign slogan on this SA political party poster [PIC]
Posted by on Jul 20th, 2016

The Democratic Alliance has ‘Vote for Change” and the ANC is using ‘A Better Life For All” on their election campaign posters…all in a bid to attract potential voters for the upcoming nation election in South Africa. A catchy slogan plays an important role in any political party campaign, but clearly Nhlanhla Buthelezi the president of the People’s Revolutionary Movement (PRM) just said ‘f**k it let’s see what happens’ and went with the following slogan to try and lure folks to vote for him as a mayor in Durban.

This PRM poster was recently posted on social media with the words ‘DEFEND THE POOR! EAT THE RICH!’

eat the rich

Now i have no idea how legit that is or when it was taken, but the People’s Revolutionary Movement is indeed an actual registered political party listed on the IEC website. The PRM doesn’t have their own website as far as i can tell, but there is a Facebook page with pictures of members. It has 4 likes.

One of the posts on the page includes the same slogan as the one in the poster above.

prm facebook

The picture of the poster was Tweeted two days ago by @moloisrj HERE.

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