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Sodwana Bay Guest House owner – God said whites are superior to blacks [VIDEO]
Posted by on Jun 30th, 2016

If you havn’t been keeping up with the racist Sodwana Bay Guest House owner, Andre Slade, then here’s a quick update. It all started with an email Slade sent to Sizakele Msimango saying “We do not accommodate blacks or government employees any longer”. That made headlines around the country and the guest house was shut down on Tuesday, but Slade is still adamant that he did it out of love, is not racist and has since given several interviews where he explains why he believes whites are superior to blacks. His girlfriend, Katerina Krizani, has backed him up and together they quote passages from the Bible saying white people and black people shouldn’t mix, that they are like peaches and apricots and they even reference Jan Van Riebeek. Oh and white people also have a crown of hair that black people don’t.

andre slade

Here’s footage of their interviews.

Cut to the 2 min mark in the video below to hear him explain that “When Jan van Riebeeck arrived here as a white male‚ he met you. The difference was just huge. I mean‚ all of you moved down from North Africa‚ all the way through Africa to the south where we met. We came from Europe and there were cities everywhere‚ but not one in Africa‚”

Shake your head at that mess.


More footage of Andre Slade, this time a short clip of him declaring he is ‘king of the earth’.


Andre Slade and Katerina Krizani have written a book and have a website. The book is called Where to From Here: Cognition and while i havn’t read it, here’s an excerpt on how he feels about Apartheid and ‘the Black kind’.

andre slade book

andre slade book 2

You can go read more from the book HERE.

And if you want some more insight into Andre Slade then check out his website HERE.

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