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Mango clothing in SA messed up their sale prices and now angry customers are demanding the R1 panties they bought
Posted by on May 17th, 2016

Mango clothing in South Africa is on the receiving end of some seriously angry consumers after the prices of an online sale yesterday were clearly messed up. Mango lace panties were selling for just R1 and of course hundreds of people bought them. Shoes worth over R1000 were going for R4 and various other items were marked for ridiculously low prices.

mango R1 sale

Of course South Africans lost their sh*t and went on a shopping spree.

mango R1 sale tweet

mango sale 2

Then word started spreading that it was Mango in Spain in charge of the website and that they may not honour purchases. This didn’t go down well with everyone who bought stuff and the Mango Facebook page received hundreds of comments saying they have to.

mango facebook page

Haaaaaha…civil law suits and Carte Blanche.

And then this morning consumers said they started receiving notifications that their orders have been cancelled and that Mango will be refunding them.

It’s not going well.

mango refund

mango sail complaints

The great Mango sale scandal of 2016. Go read the Facebook comments HERE.


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