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Yet another designer claims that Gavin Rajah stole her designs [pics]
Posted by on Apr 19th, 2016

SA fashion designer Gavin Rajah is involved in yet another scandal after a US designer claims he stole two of her designs and passed them off as his own. This will be the fourth time Rajah is on the receiving end of accusations that he copied the work of other designers. And this time he allegedly sent a threatening email to contact US Citizenship and Immigration Services and have the designer kicked out of the US unless she removed the Facebook posts claiming he stole her designs.

US designer Chelsea Liu posted the following screenshots of Rajah and an interview in Arabic fashion magazine Harayer.

gavin rajah harayer

gavin rajah harayer 2

She then posted pics of her own designs which were included in the interview with Rajah.

chelsea liu

Clearly those are the same as in the article about Rajah.

She included the following text with the images.

chelsea liu facebook 1

And then followed it up with this and included a screenshot of the email she says was sent by Gavin Rajah threatening to contact US immigration if she doesn’t removed the post.

chelsea liu facebook 2

Both parties have been contacted for comment and i’ll update when they do.

You can see the full posts from Chelsea Liu on Facebook HERE.

[via Women24]

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