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The process to procure Zuma’s new R4 billion jet has started
Posted by on Feb 29th, 2016

Remember last year when everyone was up in arms over plans for Jacob Zuma to buy a new jet for R4 billion? Well that was quickly put on hold while everyone focused on university fees, the weak Rand, Nkandla and numerous other economic and political issues. Now just a week after the Budget Speech 2016 comes news that the procurement procedure to get Zuma his new jet are once again underway.

zuma plane R4 billion

His currently jet recently broke down in Burundi leaving him stranded. The South African National Defence Force subsequently said they’ve already started the process to buy a new jet.

“The SANDF’s Simphiwe Dlamini said in light of the current jet having had to be grounded in Burundi, leaving Zuma and his delegation stranded last week, a new plane is clearly necessary.

“We’ve been engaging with our procurement agency Armcor, which is the responsible authority for procurement. And yes I can confirm that in view of this perpetual problem, we’re planning to re-look at all options available to us, to deal with this matter urgently.” [EWN]
Now you know.

mick says:
February 02, 2016 at 3:41 pm

Economy class on SAA.
They need the income.
(I pay for SAA)

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