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Petrol price in SA is going down 69c per litre on Wednesday, but diesel is going up
Posted by on Feb 29th, 2016

The uncertain economic conditions in South Africa and the recent budget speech has everyone tightening their belts, but on Wednesday you can do a small little happy dance because the price of petrol is coming down by 69 cents per litre. Those of you with diesel vehicles are out of luck though because the diesel price is going up by 15 cents per litre.

petrol price drop

The global drop in oil prices has led to the decrease in petrol prices, but the weaker Rand and varoius other factors have led to a much smaller drop in our petrol price.

sa petrol price march 2016

Don’t get too happy though because the petrol price is likely to increase again in April when the new fuel levy kicks in.

Now you know.

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