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Watch this thief use a remote car jammer at Ultra Liquors in Green Point, Cape Town [VIDEO]
Posted by on Feb 4th, 2016

We’ve all heard stories about thieves using remote car jammers to break into your vehicle after you thought you’ve locked it, but it doesn’t really hit home unless it happens to you or you see footage of it occuring. Well it is happening and here’s security footage of an incident in Green Point, Cape Town. My friend Juliet McGuire recently stopped at Ultra Liquors in Green Point when she fell victim to a car jammer who stole her laptop from her car.

Keep your eye on the silver Toyota Rav in the top right hand corner.

car jammer ultra liquors

Here’s the footage.

This from Juliet.

“You will notice I even stop to once more lock my car, in case. But still, the piece of rubbish got me. I’m in the silver Toyota Rav4, he is in the silver Polo sedan that lets me pass. He makes sure I’m in the shop then goes to my car, takes my laptop bag and causally strolls back past the shop. 6 seconds later I walk out.”

Be alert people.

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