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Cape Town surfers band together to face great white shark
Posted by on Feb 2nd, 2016

When you’re in the water and someone yells ‘SHARK!’ the reaction of most people is likely to make your way to shore as quickly as possible, but the exact opposite happened recently in Noordhoek when a group of surfers banded to together and swam towards a great white shark that was circling one of their friends. Sacha Specker, a former bodyboarding world champ, was surfing Dunes in Noordhoek when a great white was spotted near him and other surfers calmly went towards him forming a circle before paddling back to shore together.

sacha specker

[pic of Sacha via Peter Lambert]

Here’s excerpts from Specker describing the incident.

“The surfer, facing Specker and the beach, had seen a shark behind Specker. He “screamed with blood curdling fear in his voice, while scrambling his limbs onto his board: “SHARK, RIGHT BEHIND YOU!”

“A moment later it resurfaced an arms length from me, jet black eye, white belly, flank and pectoral fin in view as it pushed a bow wave and brushed my feet. Dorsal fin out the water, and tail fin slow and steady side to side, always in sight, while circling me four times.”

“I tried to stand my ground and not freak out, paddling toward it again as Mike Schlebach shouted: “Stay calm! Guys … everybody paddle towards Sacha. Everybody together.” It seemed like an eternity before the guys got close.”

Go read the full story on Wavescape HERE. It’s rad.

Props to the other surfers. That is some brave sh*t.

[Thanks Ian]

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