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  • Woolies customer found this inside her Frankfurters [pic]
    Posted by on Jan 25th, 2016

    Another day another customer taking to social media to point out what random item they found in their food from a major retailer in SA. Something that probably happened just as frequently n the past, but is now being highlighted in the social media age.

    This time Woolies was on the receiving end of an irate customer who posted a pic on Facebook of her Frankfurters which contained a little surprise.

    woolies frankfurters

    Let’s be frank (sorry), that is probably a bit of plastic wrapping that fell into the processed meat mix when they were making the Frankfurters.

    This from the customer Anuschka Vorster Nagy‎.

    “I am a regular customers at Woolies. Imagine my horror when I found this embedded in my Frankfurters. Which by the way is what I give my kids for lunch.
    Logged a complaint on Monday and still to date no action and no collection from Woolies. Shocking !!!. Not only is this a health risk but they are meant to be a premium brand store”

    No official response from Woolworths yet.

    At least it’s better than a condom.

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