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Watch SA body boarding legend Andre Botha save the life of drowning pro surfer Evan Geiselman at Pipeline [VIDEO]
Posted by on Dec 8th, 2015

So a few days ago South African body boarding legend and world champion Andre Botha saved the life of pro surfer Evan Geiselman at Pipeline in Hawaii. The dramatic footage was captured on video and shows Botha pulling Geiselman from beneath the big surf and trying to resuscitate him inbetween waves before help arrives.

andre botha rescues  evan gieselman

This from a Riptide interview with Botha. “I went down to find him and he was floating head down with his pointed up to the surface. I managed to get him up but I got hit by a wave and lost him. As this was happening the rip was strong on the inside of Pipe and we had been moved down the beach. I managed to get him up again and when I when saw his face I knew he was in terrible shape. His face was a dark blue, he was foaming at the mouth, his eyes were rolled back and he was totally limp. Everything happened so fast but it was sort of slow motion. His eyes rolled back and he was looking at me but they were just a blank look. At that point I honestly thought he was dead because his eyes were so blank.”

Here’s the footage via Matt Castiglione.

Huge props to Andre.

You can read the full interview of how it happened HERE.

[Thanks Ian]

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