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SA’s Jared Houston crowned 2015 World Bodyboarding Champion [pic]
Posted by on Nov 10th, 2015

Round of applause for South Africa’s new world champion Jared Houston who was crowned the 2015 Association of Professional Bodyboarders (APB) World Tour champion yesterday. Jared was leading the rankings and for him to win the title Amaury Lavernhe needed to be eliminated by Jacob Romero in their Round 7 matchup and Pierre-Louis Costes to NOT win the Encanto Pro Cultura 2015 event. Happily everything worked out and he is now a world champ.

Congrats bru.

jared houston

Nicely done.

“It’s pretty much the longest day of my life. Waiting for those different scenarios. Just huge congrats to Pierre. He would be an incredibly deserved world champion. Super happy it’s me,” expressed an emotional Jared Houston [Surfer Today]

Proudly South African.

[thanks Ian pic via @chrisdalcin]

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