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H&M South Africa slammed for social media response [screenshots]
Posted by on Nov 6th, 2015

How not to social media lesson for the day comes courtesy of whoever is in charge of the H&M South Africa Twitter account. The international retail giant recently open stores in Cape Town and yesterday in Johannesburg and obviously the social media team behind the launch was firing on all cylinders to get it trending. One comment response though in particular is getting way more attention and not in a positive way. Fashion blogger Tlalane Letlhaku sent them a Tweet saying “Most, if not all your posters in store have no black models.Please work on that to appeal to everyone.” H&M then replied “H&M’s marketing has a major impact and it is essential for us to convey a positive image” which clearly didn’t sit well with a whole bunch of people.

hmsouthafrica 1

And this was the H&M response.

hmsouthafrica 2

Several people then asked whether black do not convey a positive image and their social media team clearly had to deal with a whole bunch of negative sentiment. The company eventually responded saying

hmsouthafrica apology

Not ideal.

Meanwhile in the H&M stores around the world shoppers went mental and stampeded at for the Balmain collection.

[Thanks Nicol]

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