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SA police confiscated 440 million kg’s of dagga in 2014…worth R22 trillion
Posted by on Oct 8th, 2015

Ok so it’s no secret that South Africa consumes and produces marijuana, but a recent statement by our police commissioner has me wondering if she was actually stoned while coming up with the amount of dagga confiscated. Riah Phiyega recently told Parliament that police seized 440.2 million kilograms of dagga in 2014/15. Right let’s think about that for a moment. Firstly…let’s put the street value of dagga in SA at a conservative R50 a gram, that would roughly make the confiscated dagga worth around R22 trillion.

And then there’s the small issue of the entire world confiscating 5350 tons of dagga in 2012, which would mean that South Africa alone confiscated 82 times more in 2014.

sa dagga

That amount of dagga would place SA firmly on the top of global production rankings.

“Phiyega’s presentation to the police portfolio committee last week also listed other seizures, including 212 362kg of heroin, 122 140kg of cocaine, 598 743kg of crystal meth (tik), 304 865kg of whoonga, 1 926 256kg of nyaope, and 1 540 992 583 litres of liquor from unlicensed premises.” [The Star]

Phiyega either massively inflating the amount of weed confiscated or smoking all of it.

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