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There are 340 SA government email addresses in the Ashley Madison hacked database [pic]
Posted by on Aug 21st, 2015

Ok so over the past few days i posted some data on the Ashley Madison hacked database files and in particular those relevant to South Africans…like the maps showing the distribution of SA users HERE. There are roughly 170 000 SA users on the world’s most infamous cheating website and as the days go on more info on them is being revealed by those smart enough to mine the massive 10GB database. Well some new info has emerged, most notably that 340 South African government email addresses are registered as Ashley Madison users.

sa emails ashley madison

Mmmm..spicy. I’d love to know how many of those are ANC or DA. Grahic via dadviz.

Next up we have the credit card transactions. Obviously it’s easy to check the data and see who made a payment via South African banks and have kindly worked that out and reported that 70 816 transactions were made from South Africa totally roughly R21 million mostly from Joburg followed by Cape Town.

“Of the nine million credit card transactions that are in the dump, only around 70 816 of those transactions were made from South Africa.

At an average of seven transactions per person, only around 10 116 South Africans have actually forked over cash for on-site credits between August 2008 and April 2015.” [htxt]

Will keep you updated and let you know when more SA details emerge.

UPDATE: here’s a further breakdown of the type of confirmed SA email addresses included in the database…including 140 addresses, 51 from telkom and dozens from banks around the country.

sa email ashley madison

That’s via Reddit user lovethebacon.
Go check his sub reddit for a better breakdown and more info.

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