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Cape Town is not getting an F1 Grand Prix says Bernie Ecclestone
Posted by on Aug 21st, 2015

The hopes of Cape Town getting to host an Formula 1 Grand Prix race have been squashed by Bernie Ecclestone. The F1 boss told EWN that a race any time soon is non-existent unless there is some sort of commitment and a proper proposal. I previously posted several stories that Cape Town could get an F1 race as early as 2016 HERE, but looks like Bernie hasn’t recieved a proposal yet. A couple of months back CEO of Cape Town Grand Prix South Africa, Igshaan Amlay, confirmed that talks with Bernie Ecclestone took place and that they have recieved support and approval from the City of Cape Town.

Well Bernie is clearly not on the same page.

cape town F1 grand prix

This from Bernie.

“If somebody sits in front of me today, with a pen, and wants to sign a contract there can be a race next year.”

“I think it’s really a case of someone getting behind this and saying, ‘we’re going to make it happen’ because unless somebody does that it will just bumble on like it is with a lot of interest, and when it really comes down to it nobody is really making the effort to do anything.”

Ok that isn’t exactly a flat out ‘NO’, so there is still a possibilty.

EWN Sport spoke to Ecclestone and you can hear the full interview about Cape Town’s F1 plans HERE.

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