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This guy just set a new record for highest cliff jump at 58m [video]
Posted by on Aug 19th, 2015

I don’t know about you, but the older i get the more afraid i get of heights so watching this video made my balls tingle proper. Think back to the heighest rock you’ve ever jumped from into water below…i think mine is probably the low jump at Crystal Pools in Gordons Bay at about 10 meters and it took the better part of 30 min to muster up the courage to actually jump. Well Laso Schaller has just set the new world record for a cliff jump and watching his point of view as he leaps a mindblowing 58.8 meters into a waterfall pool is mental.

Here’ what it looks like from the platform he jumps off.

laso schaller

It took him nearly 4 seconds to reach the water and he hit a speed of 123km/h.

He apparently missed the aerated landing zone and slightly dislocated his right hip.

Crazy though.

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