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SA Rich Kids reality show star involved in fatal car accident, says he never fled scene
Posted by on Aug 14th, 2015

Remember a while back they aired a rich kids of South Africa reality type show on DSTV premium. One of the featured kids was 21 year old Nape Phasha Junior as the first rich laaitie who shows off where he lives and the expensive family cars. They follow him shopping and buying a pricey watch etc. Well Phasha may now be facing culpable homicide charges after he was involved in a fatal car accident yesterday where a motorcyclist was killed. Witnesses have alleged that he fled the scene, but he denies it and says the implications are untrue.

nape phasha

That’s Phasha during the premier episode of Vuzu Rich Kids.

Popular SA traffic twitter account @pigspotter was first to report that Phasha knocked down and killed a biker and then fled the scene and backed it up with 4 witness accounts.

“Captain Coba Brits, spokesperson for the Sunnyside cluster said a case of culpable homicide had been opened following the fatal car crash which left a 31-year-old biker dead. Netcare 911 paramedics who arrived at the scene assessed the biker and found he had died of his injuries prior to their arrival.

Brits also rubbished reports Phasha had tried to flee the scene.

“That is not true, the police have all his details,” she said.” [TimesLIVE]

Will keep you updated.

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