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More incredible amateur footage of the Tianjin explosions in China [video]
Posted by on Aug 14th, 2015

Yesterday i posted several amateur videos of the massive explosions at a Chinese dangerous goods warehouse in the port city of Tianjin. The deathtoll from the devasting blast has reached over 50 with hundreds injured and fires are still burning more than 36 hours after the incident occured. Since then several new videos have been posted none more dramatic than this mobile phone footage of a father protecting his baby in a building nearby. The first explosion sends him into a panic and the baby starts crying before the much larger second blast shatters the windows.

tianjin blast

That’s the first blast. The second one was reportedly the equivalent of 21 tons of TNT detonating.

According to the Youtube post the father was hurt by glass, but baby is fine.

Glad they are ok. Strength and light to all the families who lost loved ones.

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