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Baskin-Robbins ice cream shops to open in SA
Posted by on Jul 28th, 2015

Right…we’ve recently heard that coffee chain Starbucks was going to launch in SA in 2016 HERE and this follows announcements that Krispy Kreme donut shops are also headed our way. A whole bunch of Domino’s Pizza franchises have already opened and now comes reports that Baskin-Robbins, the world’s largest chain of ice cream specialty shops, are looking to open 50 stores in SA in the next 5 years. The company is known for its “31 flavors” slogan, with the idea that a customer could have a different flavor every day of any month. Baskin-Robbins is owned by Dunkin’ Brands so i’m guesing they also have plans to open up Dunkin’ Donuts stores.

baskin robbins

If you’ve been abroad you will likely have seen or been to one. Th have over 7000 stores globally.

“NASDAQ-listed franchisor Dunkin’ Brands wants to open 50 Baskin-Robbins outlets in SA over the next five years, the firm said on Monday.”

“Jeremy Vitaro, Dunkin’ Brands vice-president of international development who is in SA to meet with potential local partners for the rollout, said SA was a high growth ice cream market.” [BD Live]

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