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Which popular SA sauces have the highest sugar content [infographic]
Posted by on Jun 23rd, 2015

Not so long ago a graphic did the rounds of how much sugar is contained in South African beverages and while most people use Coca Cola as a benchmark it was surprising to learn that Coke was only 10th on the list…way behind Fanta Grape and Schweppes Dry Lemon. The same folks who created that graphic have just released a new one and this time they had a look at how much sugar is in your favourite SA sauces. Love All Gold tomato sauce or Mrs Balls? Well they contain more than double the amount of sugar than a Coke per 100ml.

sugar South African sauces

Ya…that Wellington’s Sweet Chilli sauce is pretty much half sugar.

Obviously you consume less sauce than you would drinking a whole can of Coke, but still.

Good to know.

[via News24]

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