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21yr old shooter who killed 9 people in the US pictured wearing apartheid-era SA flag
Posted by on Jun 19th, 2015

As if South Africa hasn’t got enough bad press recently we now have the rest of the world wondering why a 21yr old that shot 9 people in a church in the US is pictured wearing an old apartheid-era SA flag in his Facebook profile. Dylann Roof was captured yesterday and is accused of killing nine people, including the pastor, during a prayer meeting inside a historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina. Witnesses reportedly said the killer declared he was there “to shoot black people.”

This from his Facebook profile.

dylann roof

There is no link between Roof and SA other than he chose the old flags of South Africa and Rhodesia to put on his jacket as symbols of white supremacy.

“The gunman left six women and three men dead or dying, including a library manager, a former county administrator, a speech therapist who also worked for the church, and two ministers. Greg Mullen, the Charleston police chief, called it a hate crime, and Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch said the Justice Department was investigating that possibility.

In a photo on his Facebook page, a glowering Mr. Roof wears symbols of two former white supremacist governments — the flags of apartheid-era South Africa, and of Rhodesia, the nation that became Zimbabwe. Other photos, posted by a Facebook friend of his and widely circulated online, show Mr. Roof leaning against a car with a license plate that reads, Confederate States of America.” [NY Times]

He may not have any connection to SA, but it doesn’t help our image at all.

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