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Diver touches possibly the biggest great white shark ever filmed underwater [video]
Posted by on Jun 11th, 2015

Cape Town locals will be familar with tales of The Submarine, a massive great white shark spotted in the waters of False Bay which some say may have been up to 8 meters long. There is no actual footage of that shark, but the legend lives on. In Mexico though they actually have documented proof and video of a great white shark called Deep Blue…a 6 meter female and one of the largest ever tagged and filmed. New footage has emerged of the great white and it shows a research diver swimming freely away from his cage and touching the gigantic predator.

deep blue great white

Check it.

Ok so he doesn’t actually go into open water and swim with it, but still…dude now has bragging rights that he touched a 6m great white outside of the cage.

Surprised he didn’t sinkwith those balls of steel.

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