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Bullfighter has his testicle ripped open by bull…drops understatement of the year [video]
Posted by on Jun 10th, 2015

Understatement of the year so far goes to Spanish bullfighter, Marco Galan, who had his testicle ripped open by a bull and casually said ‘it wasn’t a great moment for me’. Galan is not gonna let an eviscerated testicle stop him though and plans to be back in the ring in July.

Bull 1 – Marco’s ballbag 0.

bullfighter gored in testicle

Give it horns.

“My testicle was ripped open,” he said from his room at the Hospital San Francisco de Asís in Madrid. “It wasn’t a great moment for me.”

Describing the moment it went wrong, he told The Local: “I placed the bandarillas well, but then it went a bit wrong and then I was on the horns of the bull.” [The Local]


Here’s footage of the incident. Warning…some of you sensitive people may find it graphic.

That will learn him.

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