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New aerial images claiming to be a patch of raw sewage in Hout Bay [pic]
Posted by on May 26th, 2015

A few weeks back i posted a controversial story HERE about a mysterious white patch in the sea just off Mouille Point. The photographer, Jean Tresfon, claimed it was raw untreated sewage coming from the Green Point sewerage outlet 1.7km from shore. The City of Cape Town responded saying it was investigating, but it couldn’t be untreated sewage since they had inspected the outlet and also since there were no seagulls in the pictures which would have been attracted by the sewage. Tresfon responded with a close-up image showing hundreds of seagulls near the plume. In case you didn’t know…the deep marine sewerage outfall 1.7km off Green Point pumps 30 – 40 million litres per day of untreated, but screened sewage into Table Bay. It’s 30m down and should be diffused by the time it reaches the surface. Tresfon’s latest aerial images show a similar white plume in Hout Bay and he adds ‘as soon as a westerly wind blows then the whole mess gets blown straight back into the bay and ends up against the beach’.

sewage hout bay

That’s Hout Bay in the background there. And the source of the plume is apparently matches the location of the outfall pipe in the bay. According to TimesLIVE ‘People who visited the area by boat said it smelt like sewage’.

Here’s part of what Tresfon posted on Facebook.

“Yet another crap day in Cape Town… Many of you might have seen the images I posted last month showing the huge sewerage plume in Table Bay. Yet this is only one of several marine outfalls that cumulatively pump more than 55 million litres of raw sewerage PER DAY into our oceans.

During a flight last week I shot some images of the Hout Bay outfall in operation. While only a third of the capacity of the Green Point sewerage outfall, the Hout Bay sewerage outfall still has the capacity to pump nearly 10 million litres per day of untreated raw sewerage into the sea. As soon as a westerly wind blows then the whole mess gets blown straight back into the bay and ends up against the beach. Anyone for a swim?” [more HERE]

I don’t think the city has officially responded to the new Hout Bay pics, but if they do i’ll post it.

And HERE‘s the pic of the white plume just off the promenade in Sea Point in case you missed it.

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