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Picking Up Stompies: Weekend Edition 09/02/2015
Posted by on Feb 9th, 2015

Shocking evidence emerges in Stellenbosch axe-attack case. Evidence has emerged that Henri van Breda, the 20-year-old survivor of the gruesome Stellenbosch axe attack, only called emergency services four hours after the attack took place and that his injuries were self-inflicted [News24]

Suspended director from SA Water Affairs Department draws R3m salary for the past two years [TimesLIVE]

22 killed in Egypt football riots. The Egyptian authorities have suspended football league matches indefinitely after clashes at a stadium in Cairo left at least 22 people dead [BBC]

South Africans have R23 billion stashed in Swiss bank accounts. 585 South Africans have illegally stashed more than $2-billion (about R23-billion) in accounts at Swiss banking group HSBC, details of which have now emerged in a leak [TimesLIVE]

All of the 57th Annual Grammy Awards winners. Sam Smith walks away with all the awards. Also who the hell is Sam Smith. [TIME]

Zuma says load shedding is not the government’s fault. The president says poor leadership is not to blame for the current power crisis in the country [EWN]

André Brink, anti-apartheid novelist and campaigner, dies aged 79. The influential campaigning South African novelist and playwright, perhaps best known for his 1979 novel A Dry White Season, had died [Guardian]

Eskom says risk of power cuts high this week. “The system will continue to be under severe pressure over the coming week, so the risk of load shedding remains high,” [iol]

Bruce Jenner reportedly involved in a fatal car crash. Cue jokes about women drivers. [Channel 24]

School boy sodomised with broomstick at Northern Cape high school. A group of boys from an agricultural high school in the Northern Cape made a video of themselves brutalising a black pupil and raping him with a broom handle [City Press]

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