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The 2015 Budweiser Super Bowl ad with a puppy and a horse will make you melt..again [video]
Posted by on Jan 29th, 2015

It’s nearly Super Bowl time  in the US and major brands are already throwing out their ads for the most watched sporting event on the planet. Super Bowl commercials cost an absurd amout of money, but if a brand nails it the massive exposure is worth it.  Ad agencies all keep their best work for the Super Bowl in the hopes they will go viral and be the most talked about and last year Budweiser came out as the favourite with their ad featuring a puppy. Well looks like they are gonna walk away with top honours again following the same formula…puppies and beer.

Can’t go wrong with a puppy, beer and a soundtrack that pulls at your heartstrings.

Don’t worry it has a happy ending. my sh*t is all emotional.

Here was their effort from last year.

Well played Budweiser…well played.

Rene says:
January 01, 2015 at 11:32 am

No man, why are you doing this to me.

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