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ANC birthday celebration proposed road closures around CT Stadium on 10 Jan [pic]
Posted by on Jan 7th, 2015

Public service announcement for those of you who live near the Cape Town Stadium. Traffic is gonna be a mess this Saturday (10th January) since the ANC is having it’s 103rd birthday bash at the stadium and roughly 50 000 people are expected to attend. On top of that an article in the Cape Times today said that a contigent of 40 000 Cape minstrels will join the ANC at it’s birthday celebration now that the annual minstrel carnival has been postponed.

I’m guessing there may be some traffic problems.

Here’s a list of proposed road closures and times though so you can plan your movements around the city on Saturday.

road closures

Note that pic says ‘proposed’ road closures so it’s not hundred percent confirmed, but i’m giving you a heads up that those are pretty likely.

Will update with a confirmed road closure list as soon as the City release one.

[thanks Nick]


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