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Coca-Cola getting slammed for their new milk ads of naked women covered in milk [pics]
Posted by on Dec 2nd, 2014

If you didn’t already know, Coca-Cola is launching a new premium milk brand called Fairlife, but things have already turned sour (see what i did there) with their ad campagn being called sexist for featuring naked pin-up type women covered in milk dresses.

The Fairlife milk will apparently cost double what normal milk costs because it has 50% more protein and half the sugar.

Woman on scale is not going down well either.

“CONSUMERS have criticised a “sexist” advertising campaign for Coca-Cola’s new “high end” milk product, which is launching in the US this month. The release of Fairlife milk has baffled many customers, but the head-scratching quickly turned into anger when Coca-Cola released its new ad campaign last week, featuring photos of naked women dripping in milk. []

Now you know.

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