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Unhappy FNB customer creates billboard calling them a Rotten Bank [pic]
Posted by on Nov 19th, 2014

Last week an unhappy Cell C customer made headlines after creating a huge billboard sized banner calling them ‘the most useless service provider in SA’ and it seems like he may have gotten the idea from an unhappy FNB customer who has been driving around a mobile billboard for a while calling them a rotten bank and accusing them of lying and stealing. He’s clearly got no love for FNB since he even took it a step further and created a website highlighting his issues with the financial institution.

Ya…dude even went to the effort of putting up pictures of the FNB executives he’s the moer-in with.

And this isn’t a new complaint. It goes way back to 2009 when he sold a property and claims that he got screwed and FNB provided the lube. According to his website he lost R550000 selling the property and FNB made his life a nightmare.

Now you know.

[pic via @Kanyuchi_GP and BusinessTech ]

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