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Ken Block is back with Gymkhana 7 ripping up LA in a 845-hp Mustang [video]
Posted by on Nov 18th, 2014

Petrolhead boner alert. You should by now be familiar with Ken Block and his Gymkhana videos…it’s his 7th one ffs so if you havn’t seen any of them then crawl out from under that rock and go google it dammit. His driving skills are legendary and pretty much every Gymkhana video prior to this one has gone viral so this is just much of the same sh*t. Burning rubber, screaming engine and next level drifting through the reets of Los Angeles in a ridiculous 850 horse power, 4 wheel drive Mustang…the only all drive Mustang ever built.

Like GTA in real life.

Ken Block

Good times.

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