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Hey look…someone found a dead frog in their Woolies salad [pic]
Posted by on Nov 18th, 2014

Yes i know it’s a few days old this story, but i’m throwing it in because people are still croaking on about it. Woolworths is already taking heat with the whole boycotting drama so this latest episode on social media is not doing them any favours…or maybe it is. A customer recently went to buy a packet of washed Italian salad from Woolies and was appalled to find a dead frog amoungst the specially selected varieties of greens.



Tangy and tender. Just like the packaging says.

Pity it wasn’t a French salad. At least you know it’s fresh and organic hey.

Marthelize says:
November 11, 2014 at 3:27 pm

Just thought it prudent to mention that the guy who started this whole thing by wetting his lace thong is the editor of MaximSA.

His Twitter bio includes the phrase “does alpha male sh*t”.

I never realized “alpha male sh*t includes acting like a 14-year old girl on Twitter, using #vomit.

Oh, he’s also an EFC commentator. At least we know he isn’t an EFC fighter, those guys would have just eaten the poor padda.

Go cry in your protein shake, dude, and get over it. At least it was “organic”. Idiot.

Savage says:
November 11, 2014 at 3:27 pm


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