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Here’s footage of the chaos in the SA parliament yesterday where riot police were called in [video]
Posted by on Nov 14th, 2014

Ya hey…South African politicians already have to deal with claims of corruption, greed, mismanagement etc. and yesterday they didn’t do themselves any favours when chaos erupted in the National Assembly eventually ending with fists flying as riot police were called in and clashed with members of parliament.

“The drama unfolded after Economic Freedom Fighters MP Ngwanamakwetle Mashabela refused to leave the podium when she was ordered to do so by House chair Cedrick Frolick.”

“Mashabela would not be moved when sergeant-at-arms Regina Mohlomi tried to escort her from the podium.

Police arrived minutes later – tugging at Mashabela – who could be heard shouting “I don’t want to be touched”.

MPs from opposition benches, expressed outrage, and jumped to Mashabela’s defence.

Fists started flying when police pushed and shoved MPs from the Democratic Alliance and the EFF who intervened.” [News24]

I tried to find official footage of the incident, but apparently the tv feed was cut and all i could manage were these two amateur videos filmed with cellphones.

And this one which occured outside the assembly.

Now you know.

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