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Win 2 sets of double tickets to EFC Africa 35 in Cape Town
Posted by on Nov 3rd, 2014

EFC Africa 35 returns to Cape Town on the 6th November and if you’re a fan of mixed martial arts then best you keep reading because it’s gonna be yet another awesome display at Grandwest Arena. The last time EFC Africa was in Cape Town saw an epic battle between Don Madge and Boyd Allen and this time around another matchup looks set to produce a top quality fight. The light heavyweight championship is on the line as Gideon ‘Juggernaught’ Drotschie takes on Norman ‘Chef’ Wessels…and you can be there to witness it this Thursday because i’ve got 2 sets of double tickets to giveaway to you fine folks.

Keen to see the action up close and personal…well then get involved.

Vat hom fluffy.

“Headlined by the light heavyweight title fight between Gideon ‘Juggernaught’ Drotschie and Norman ‘Chef’ Wessels. You can expect fireworks when these two step inside the Hexagon for their highly anticipated grudge match.

Co-headlining the event will see the heavyweight clash between one of the baddest men on the planet Christophe Walravens, fresh off his six month suspension, when he faces off the ever playful Brendon Groenewald for the EFC heavyweight title.

Muaythai world champion Irshaad squares off against ground specialist Abdul Hassan in a heated bantamweight bout. While Francois Kabulu returns to the Heaxgon to continue his five fight winning streak after a year layoff. He will face Irishman Peter ‘Showstopper’ Queally in his EFC debut. The final spot on the main card is filled by Cape Town crowd favourites Shaun de Lange & Bruno ‘The Major’ Mukulu.

The card is rounded off with seven action packed undercard bouts with some of the best MMA talents from around the region. “

Nice. Can’t wait to see Irshaad Sayed fight again.

Ok now here’s how you can win those tickets. The first set of tickets is going to someone on Twitter and the second set to someone who leaves a comment. First up though…

Win double tickets to EFC Africa 35 in CT to see Drotschie vs Wessels with @EFCworldwide and @lifeissavage 

Then the other set of tickets will go to someone who leaves a comment beneath this post.

Leave a comment beneath this post telling me which 3 fights you are most looking forward to and who you think is gonna win. Feel free to elaborate and impress me with your MMA knowledge.

That or just be your usual, desperate, funny, bribing self and leave a comment that’s creative or awesome. Or both.

Easy as that. Will pick winners early Wednesday morning.

Now get to it. Obviously you need to be in Cape Town to go see the event.

And here’s the promo video to get you amped.

UPDATE: great answers!  Wish I could give everyone tickets.  Winner of the 2 tickets goes to Arran. Thanks and enjoy the fights.

Ryan says:
November 11, 2014 at 11:02 am

Shouldn’t it be @EFCworldwide? Followed both though…

Savage says:
November 11, 2014 at 11:02 am

Yes sorry! Old account. Have fixed it:)

LiezelTee says:
November 11, 2014 at 11:02 am

Momma always said don’t fight, just watch – so can i? :)

xdvd says:
November 11, 2014 at 11:02 am

First up, Walravens VS Groenewald – after the controversial suspension of Walravens in his last fight I am eager to see if he can win this fight fairly.
Secondly, Sayed VS Hassan – Hassan is a veteran of the EFC, so I am eager to see if he can stop the meteoric rise of Sayed.
Thirdly, Drotschie VS Wessels – I am not a fan of Drotschie so I hope Wessels will give him a hiding to remember.

November 11, 2014 at 11:02 am

Luke Michael VS Regis Muyambo is the fight to look out for! Luke is fighting out of REPS MMA trained by the one and only Rico Hattingh. Any MMA fan will know that Luke is getting the best BJJ coaching out there and therefore if this goes to the ground, I’d go for Luke. Regis is no easy take down, coming from Panther, he has incredible power. Fight of the Night!

Of course the heavy weight title fight with Brendon Groenewald and Walravens will be a good show down with my money going with Groenewald. Not a great fan of Walravens.

Gideon Drotschie vs Norman Wessels. What do we really have to say. Wessels has the aggression and a evil stares, but this wont be enough to take down the champ, Gideon, who by the way is also getting trainer by BJJ specialist Rico Hattingh. My moola goes to GIDEON.

oh and here is a video of Rico taking on Ruan Potts. :)

November 11, 2014 at 11:02 am
louise says:
November 11, 2014 at 11:02 am

I NEEED these tickets!!! I discovered MMA this year and started jiujitsu a couple of months ago!! It would AMAZING if I could see them live!! I’m looking forward to every single fight!! PLEASE!

louise says:
November 11, 2014 at 11:02 am

Seeing those 2 comments I feel like I need to get someone to write a post for me so I can look more informed lol ! I wanna watch people fight!

Azza says:
November 11, 2014 at 11:02 am

3 fights the whole world is looking forward to, should naturally read as follows:
Irshad vs Hollywood: Ah the great smack talk specialist from the Zulu Kingdom looking to bounce back from his, ahem (cough, splatter), injury vs Demarte. Irshad is doing the charity vibe at the moment, but make no mistake, he is a valid title contender. With only Hollywood in his tracks in what is probably the most competitive category in the organization, I’m going for a White Tiger Victory, 2nd round.
De Lange vs Mukulu: De Lange put on what could be fight of the Year against Rage last time out and besides the fact that Mukulu has a visibly denser build, stats speak for themselves. With De Langes quite demeanor, unlimited cardio and concrete jaw, I’m leaning towards a De Lange Victory, 1st round!
Drotschie vs Wessels: Oh my word I’ve never seen such an emotionally unstable human being as we have all experienced time and again by the Chef. Pity this, because he trains with all of EFC’s title holders, meaning that he should actually walk away from this with his hands tied (and duck tape for his mouth). However, just like Demarte was fuelled by anger and disrespect at EFC34 which turned him into a Superhuman Tekken character, so will the Juggernaut. It will be even better when he keeps his belt in his home town, to rapturous applause, with a smile on his face, while walking out to Katy Perry! Definitely going to go the distance this one, with Gideon a unanimous victor.
Now then, where do I collect these Tickets?

Angela Beccaro says:
November 11, 2014 at 11:02 am

Dalcha vs. Van Heerden…. Oooooh boy that one’s gonna be good because Danie is ALWAYS a difficult opponent, tough as nails. And Champion is just fearless – the way he stepped up a few days before EFC 34 to throw Pete Motaung around like a rag doll brrr… chills

Luke vs Muyambo – because they’re both on their way up the ladder and wanting to prove themselves. Its always great to see young talent come through. Oh and because Luke has 2 baby freight trains built into his quad muscles (choo choo). Heavy fight :)

And obviously Gideon vs. Norman – the build up has been intense and having been around Drotschie in training I can actually say that he’s a lot nicer guy than I ever thought. Big heart for a deserved champ and some sick skills to boot. #imwithjuggernaut

If there was a 4th fight choice I would probably say Knife vs Moyo – I’d be backing Didier just because I want to be surrounded again by his crazy supporters running around with arms in the air screaming “kniiiiiiive” and then having them shushed by EFC officials 😀

Really am excited. One of the best EFC line-ups I’ve seen! Ready to rock and roll Daddy! 😉

Nicci Arrison says:
November 11, 2014 at 11:02 am

3 fights I am most excited to watch and know is going to be hels entertaining and nail biting…

1. Drotschie vs Wessels – yoooooee!! The animosity and tension built up between these two #yoe… The win WILL go to Drotschie by ground and pound!! …and in the first round 😉

2. Sayed vs Hassan – That Hollywood t!3f can say what he wants at the end of that fight his bek will be toe!! Sayed has proven himself time and time again! Sayed to take the win, won’t mind a KO, but also won’t mind a submission by RNC just to see that Hassan “box” squirm

3. Michaels vs Muyambo – my heart is so torn on this one as both guys are just … so darn good man… I can’t choose between the two… however if I must :'( I am placing my money on Luke, simply for his drive and determination…

And then just because I can… another fight I am looking forward to is Groenewald vs Walravens… Groenewald for the win because Walravens is a big dirty “kitty” Groenewald is going to knock the teeth out of his mouth and/or ground and pound that dirty fighter’s backside!!

I don’t do the technicality lingo of MMA buuutt I am a fan and a half and deserve this WIN by unanimous decision :)

Arran says:
November 11, 2014 at 11:02 am

The most anticipated bout of the evening is with out a doubt for the light heavy weight championship DROTSCHIE VS WESSELS. Theres been so much hype and smack talk around this match with the rather unstable(saying the least) Wessels and the super calm and collective Drotschie both fighting out of the strongest MMA gyms on the continent its got all the makings of a great match up.
Although I fear a anticlimax with Drotschie winning by submission in the 1st.

MICHAELS VS MUYAMBO is going to be all out talent and guts from the get go. Both fighting out of the two most dominant gyms in the Cape these two fighters are with out a doubt the two most talented up and coming fighters in their division. Both with an incredible ground game but I predict Michaels for the win as the more well rounded MMA fighter with superior striking ability over Muyambo.

WALRAVENS VS GROENEWALD its always nice to see two heavy weights demolish each other but if Walravens(the mans an animal) can keep it standing I dont think Groenewald can handle his beast like raw power! If Groenewald can get the judo master to the ground I think he has the skill set to submit him so let see what happens i think it can go either way.

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