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The Whisky Guy reviews Chivas Regal – 12 year old blended Scotch whisky
Posted by on Oct 1st, 2014

So last week saw the addition of a new category on Life is Savage called The Whisky Guy whose sole purpose in life is to consume and attempt to review the various kinds of whisky from around the world. The Whisky Guy ( it’s me, but don’t tell anyone) has no formal schooling in the art of whisky tasting so don’t expect a clinically accurate review because to him most whisky is liquid sunshine and golden drops of happiness. At worst you will gain some bar ammo and be able to impress a lady or guy at the bar with some whisky knowledge.

Right, now let’s get onto today’s bottle of deliciousness…the Chivas Regal 12 year old blended Scotch whisky.

Just looking at that makes my sh*t feel more distinguished. Fit for a king, it’s dripping with refinement and even the name ‘Chivas Regal’ conjures up words like chivalry and royalty. Here’s the first bit of bar ammo for you…the word Chivas actually refers to the Chivas Brothers and so begins your lesson young whisky Jedi.

What’s with the name Chivas Regal?

The history of Chivas Brothers can be traced back to a grocery store established in Aberdeen in 1801. With the advent of grain whisky in the 1830s, James Chivas began the tradition of laying down casks of fine Scotch whiskies in the shop’s cellar for their aged blends. In recognition of the reputation and quality of their business, James Chivas and his business partner Charles Stewart are awarded the first of many Royal Warrants by Queen Victoria to supply goods and provisions to the Royal Household. In 1949, Chivas Regal 12 Year Old goes international and is supported by exceptional advertising campaigns in publications such as The New Yorker. Chivas starts to grow and within three decades becomes the global icon it still is today.

What’s it taste like?

As with last week i will attempt to stick to the whisky guidelines on tasting notes and give my thoughts on the nose, palate and after taste or finish.

Nose: definitely get some strong honey aromas coming through. Then a splash of banana funny enough. Like not the sweet fruity part of the banana, but more the skin. (Told you my reviews are unconventional, but hey i call it like i smell it…also i may have had several glasses trying to figure out the exact vibes)

Palate: taste is a lot more spicey. Still has the sweet caramel honey and fruit efforts peeping through, but do get a more nutty vanilla taste combined with some strong spices. Can’t tell if it’s peppery or just the alcohol biting. Needs s0me water or an ice block to soften it up a tad. I drink my whisky neat so it was a bit overpowering initially, but after the severalth glass the flavours really came out.

Finish: very strong initial after taste that left me thumping my chest and if i had a beard i totally woulda stroked it. It quickly mellows out though and leaves you with a sweet spicy woody taste with very little smokiness.

Apperance and price: lovely stately detail on the bottle. Looks the royal part and makes any whisky display cabinet look more refined. Price wise the cheapest i could find in SA was R239 on special, but aim for around the R300 mark.

Overall score on the Life is Savage Bergie Index: I’m gonna give it a grand 8.3 out of 10.

For more info go check the website HERE and follow their twitter account @ChivasRegalSA . Will see if they can send me another bottle to give away to you lovely people.

Good times.

Check next week for another review and if you are a whisky brand then send me some of your deliciousness. I will drink it..for research purposes. And remember to send me 2 bottles so i can give one away. Sharing is caring.

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