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The blind guitar player from St George’s Mall who got arrested last year is getting R300 000 in damages
Posted by on Sep 9th, 2014

Remember Lunga Goodman Nono?…the blind busker who was forcibly removed from St Georges Mall in Cape Town and had his guitar smashed by members of the SAPS. The  incident was captured by bystanders and caused a huge outcry from people defending the rights of the disabled Nono who has been on St George Mall  for years and plays the same tune day in and day out. Well after a 13 month legal battle, the courts have awarded Nono R300 000 in damages.

lunga nono

The court ruled that Nono’s constitutional rights were violated and that metro police used excessive force.

“Magistrate Mas-Udah Pangarker of the Cape Town Regional Court said the officials had failed to uphold the law and had violated Nono’s constitutional rights.

There was also “excessive” use of force, as well as verbal and physical abuse.

A delighted Nono said on Thursday that a nice dinner “somewhere fancy” was the first thing he would do to treat his family after winning a 13-month court battle against the city. He would also spend the money on improvements to his one-roomed shack in Delft.

Karusha Iyer of Kirsten Attorneys said the judge awarded the maximum damages amount, and ordered the city to pay all legal costs.” [iol]

And here’s footage of the incident captured by onlookers.

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